Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The World's only Ridley X-Fire Single Speed (with sliding dropouts that is)

I get a lot of compliments on my custom Ridley X-Fire Single Speed.  Before you say it, yes you can buy Ridley's newest X-Fire frame with the PF30 BB and use an eccentric BB to make a nice single speed.

But I went a different route.  This was my old X-Fire race bike that had been used for many years and beaten up pretty badly.  A mis-guided triple bunny hop over some barriers left a nice chunk of carbon missing.  A metal flag (promoters, please use tape and not metal flags) jammed into the rear derailleur broke the hanger and took some carbon from one of the seat stays.  Lots of crashes over the years caused many scratches and rubs to my frame.

So after a year of it hanging in my garage, I thought I would see about getting the damage fixed.  I contacted Ruckus Carbon Repair about fixing the carbon and also about chopping off the rear dropouts and installing some proper sliding dropouts.

After a lengthy wait my Ridley X-Fire was re-united with me, this time as a single speed!  Switching from a nice (but heavy) All City Nature Boy to my Ridley was quite an improvement in weight!

Here are some pictures of the process and the final result.