Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lots of exciting news for 2012

Lots of new and exciting stuff for 2012.

  1. Our custom team kit program is going well. Quite a few teams have taken advantage of our great prices and quick times!
  2. New BB types! As many of you know, the cycling industry hates a "standard" and there are roughly 10 different BB types in use. We have tried to keep up and have recently closed the gap with the release of our ceramic Press Fit BB30. Shortly after we released our ceramic BB86/SRAM unit for all you Giant/Scott SRAM lovers. Plus, all the ceramic BBs we've been known for are still kicking butt, Shimano 10, SRAM (GXP) regular BB30, BB90, etc. You can check all of them out right here!
  3. We've got some other new projects in the works for 2012. Should be a great year!!