Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some comments from happy customers...

I have been using the VCRC ceramic bottom bracket, along with alloy stem, bars and the carbon seat post on my cross bike.......very nice stuff will buy more

Guy Smith


Hope all is going well. Just wanted to drop a line to say "hi" and thanks. Sadly broke by bike (frame cracked near BB) so they [SCOTT] warranted it and when I took off the cranks to swap things out your ceramic BB were unbelievable PERFECT! I don't know if they have been getting better as time goes on but your recent stuff is incredible. They are so smooth.

Anyhow, just wanted to say thanks again for all the help and support. We love your stuff!

Take care,
Joe B


I just built up my new Ridley Excaliber using the stem and bars you sent me. They look awesome.

Darrell Cunningham
Orlando Velo


The ceramic bb is a huge improvement over the stock SRAM GXP. Before the cranks barely made 1.2 revolutions with the bike in the stand when I let go of the pedals and now they keep spinning.

Matt, VT


Your seatpost and BB30 bearings are amazing.

Todd Nix


I just wanted to let you guys know, I received my order today, ceramic FSA BB red, carbon cages and pulleys. This stuff is sick, I can already see the difference in my BB spin and the cages are first rate, real quality! Everything is spinning smoothly" actually amazingly smoothly, I'm very impressed

Chris Mann


I purchased a bottom bracket in January and am very happy with it!

Tony Chandler


I've been using your bottom bracket and pulleys for a couple of months and the difference is unmistakable. Great Stuff!

Elan Walshe


I am a Cat 3 member of Team Cycleworks, one of your currently sponsored teams. Early in the race season, my performance was outstandingly mediocre, with most of my finishes in the middle of the field. On my very first race with your ceramic pulley, BB, and wheel bearings, I won by putting 2 minutes into the field. In the third race, I placed third in a difficult Criterium.

Thanks Velocarbon for the extra speed! I love your products!

Arnold Galit
Team Cycleworks

Sunday, July 18, 2010

At VCRC Bike we're obsessed with bikes, just like you!

Founded in 2002, VCRC has always focused on our core consumer, the club racer and fast group riders. While we have provided parts for professional riders/teams, our true focus has been on race quality parts at prices that you can afford. We offer a focused product line, offering parts that we feel most racers should upgrade. Most stock bikes come with mid level components such as moderate quality handlebars, stems, seatposts, BBs, wheel bearings and so on. These are key areas to upgrade when speed counts. There is no point in racing on heavy, flexible, slow parts when it is so easy to upgrade to our parts and know you have race level equipment.

Our parts are readily available via our website and select dealers. We strive to provide a pleasant and easy shopping experience. We respond to email round the clock, sometimes within minutes but most of the time with 1-2 hours. There are exceptions to this, we do sleep occasionally and we also ride a lot just like you.

We believe in an easy return policy, we ship incredibly fast and we love to help with tech questions. You can try to stump us if you'd like, we like the challenge. We ride all the parts we sell so we are extremely familiar with our products should you have a question or concern. We're here for you!

Monday, July 12, 2010

21 Days In July Sale

Quite an exciting Tour so far

Well the first week of the Tour was not disappointing! Lots of crashes and drama has this Tour poised to be the best in several years. To celebrate this year's Tour De France, we are having quite a sale. Take 21% off your order of $200+. You can read all the details and get the coupon code here: